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DJ Nickel B Podcast #27: Dub is Dead live from Nectar's

This post features a live audio recording from the musical project Dub is Dead - a reggae inspired tribute to the Grateful Dead. I played sound effects and sampled chords and vocals.

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A few selections from Dub is Dead live at Nectar's 7-17-15. Presented by Lost Nation Brewing:

1. China Cat Dub
2. Crazy Fingers Dub
3. West LA Dub
4. Scarlet Dub
5. Fire on the Dub
6. Morning Dub
7. Dub Star
8. Ripple Dub

Trevor Ainsworth (drums),
Nick DeNoia (bass guitar)
Rudy Dauth (guitar)
Ray Paczkowski (keys/organ)
Kevin Shapiro (drums
Nickel B (fx/samples)