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Nickel B & friends with that downtempo, psybient, and deep dubstep music. Live DJ Mixes for kicking back, spacing out, doing yoga, or whatever. Formerly published as the Bass Culture Vermont podcast. Mixes are available for a limited time only and are for intended promotional use only.


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Nickel B Cast #24 - DJ Nickel B - Dreamtime (Psybient - Downtempo Mix)

DJ Nickel B - Dreamtime (psybient - chillout - ambient dub). Mixed (term used loosely) on 2 CDJ's and one Vestax PDX vinyl table.

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1. Entheogenic - Luminous Child
2. Shpongle - Tickling the Amygdala
3. Tycho - Adrift
4. Olexa - Spring Nostalgia
5. Androcell - Desert Nomad
6. Kaya Project - One God Dub (Dubsahara Remix)
7. Bluetech - Seed to Soil
8. Shpongle - Shpongle Spores
9. Entheogenic - Spirit Molecule (Wouldned Man Pech Merle Mix)
10. Androcell - Endless Wonder (Mix 2)
11. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Aricebo
12. Russill Paul - Evening Shadows Fall

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