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#nntech will bring fresh perspectives from the Fintech world, interviews with notable entrepreneurs in the startup scene, and we will discuss tools and methods that’ll make work more fun and rewarding.


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#nntech ep 2: Johan Lilja, CEO of Universal Avenue on how to scale and his advice for entrepreneurs

In this episode, we interview Johan Lilja, the CEO and co-founder of the much-hyped startup Universal Avenue. They’ve grown in just two years to employ 70 people with offices in UK, Greece, Spain, Sweden and US. So what’s Universal Avenue? Their value proposition is to outsource sales to freelancers, so-called Brand Ambassadors. If you’re a company, you can hire a Brand Ambassador to sell your products and services, and you pay a commission on each sale. Brands like Spotify for Business and Bambora are already using the product and we see a bright future for their growth. In our discussion, we touch on quite a few subjects such as: - Johan's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs - How to quickly scale a business to new markets - What Universal Avenue’s product development process looks like - and Johan also takes us through a day in the life of a startup CEO Enjoy, Marcus & Tuva And as always, please reach out to us using the #nntech hashtag if you have any feedback.