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#slowtofast Ep 10— On runways, retrospectives and death by meeting

A milestone! We are celebrating 10 episodes. Dennis and I are back in the studio yet again to share what we work on, and what makes us inspired. We initially stated that we would record 10 episodes as a test. And…we’ve decided to continue! In this episode we talk about: - The concept of “the runway”. Whatever you work on has a time limit. Learn how to use this to your advantage. Dennis also shares a story from an exercise he did together with the General Management team - The Design Studio is moving out to the scrum teams and Marcus shares the reason behind this move - Dennis talks about a book that he shared with the entire General Management team and the product organization. It’s called “Death by meeting”, and is written by Patrick Lencioni. Dennis sheds light on the topic of the book: how to make your meetings more productive - Marcus shares a simple framework for doing retrospectives, and also the concept of the “Pet Peeves” meeting, a meeting where the design team talks about little things they get annoyed by Show notes: https://medium.com/slowtofast-podcast/slowtofast-ep-10-on-runways-retrospectives-and-death-by-meeting-9a558b51fddb#.9ska67ymm