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Northern California eXposure is a daily podcast giving Nor Calian residents past and present an audio platform to talk and showcase there independent/small business ,service,product,idea that betters peoples life’s and benefits society as a whole.


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017:Rhonda Hunt:The Information Junkie

Born in Sacramento back in 1960, my love for gardening, cooking and feeding my family got started early.  At the age of 10 when I just barely cleared the counter top I was whipping up huge salads fortified by the greens and tomatoes from our garden.  There was no such thing as Ranch Dressing so my salads were lovingly dressed with just red wine vinegar and olive oil.  Even back in the 70's we were raising our own meat chickens, buying beef from our local rancher and raising vegetables in the garden.


The 80's derailed all I knew about food and carbs were the "new black".  As a runner I believed that only pasta and bread could fuel my 5 mile daily runs. I was young enough to fend off the real damage carbs were doing to my body right up until I turned 45.


With joint pain becoming my painfully un-welcome bedfellow, I saught out help from doctors. The search for answers about the changes happening to my body were becoming pointless.  I hated the idea of being on meds for the rest of my life. 


But then, one day, everything I thought I knew to be true changed.


Enter Gary Taubes- his book, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It-- it changed my life.  After finishing this book, I put away my bread machine- for good and never looked back.  It's been 5 years since having my last slice of sourdough or ravioli.


Discovering the health benefits of lowering my carbs and subsequently getting rid of ALL my joint pain, I knew I had to share this with other people, especially women who might be experiencing the same health issues I was having.


The platform I have chosen (so far) in order to get the word out is social media.  We live in a fantastic time.  We have so many tools at our fingertips that sharing information has never been easier!  


I started with Facebook, easy to reach a lot of folks at one time, so I launched FossilFuelTable and started to gather as many friends as I could.  I was so eager, at one point FB benched me for a few days because of my friend requests!  I slowed down a little bit and gathered an audience discreetly.  


The response was so good, that I gave birth to the idea of having a blog page, and subsequently was  born!  FFCB was quickly becoming a popourri of information-paleo living, low carb cooking, articles on diet and exercise.  I decided the best way to communicate my message was to seperate the recipes from the exercise and primal living information.  This gave rise to answer to all things low carb and for the ladies! 


While I am always working on recipes and the like, I am also big on sharing information wherever I find it.  My readers may not have time to comb through internet looking for information on something specific topic to their situation, so I do it for them! 


So here I am 40 years later still making the proverbial "salad" for anyone who wants to stop by and see what I am up to!  I care about your health, I care that medicines are over prescribed, I care that we are not taking control of our lives and simply handing them over to the pharmaceutical companies.


I commited to buying local, eating lots of vegetables, bbqing up that steak, and rendering your own lard!  We are so LUCKY to live in a place where so many fabulous things are being grown, produced and where livestock roams around in our lush green rolling hills!!  


Yesssss! we were born lucky....thank you Universe!


I am committed to flipping tires and picking up heavy things!  Which by the of the best ways to avoid the doctor's office!


I am currently (13 years) living on 8 acres in Browns Valley California nestled sweetly between Marysville/Yuba City and Grass Valley.  The Yuba River surges not to far from here and the foothills are all in bloom. Our little piece of heaven.  When I'm not blogging about fabulous food, I'm in Auburn California wearing my Financial Advisor cap!