NSFG - Not Safe for Government


NSFG is about applied innovation in state, city, and county government. It focuses on things that may appear to be not safe for government but really only sound dangerous - and can put the good back into public good. Bureaucracies resist the new, different, and disruptive. But the intractable problems and tired old processes of government need them. And citizens expect them.

NSFG's origins can be traced back to the GovTech Social podcast, which focused on the community of Govies - that is, social media practitioners in state and local government - with tips and tricks for going social in public regarding platforms, policy and practices.


NSFG - Not Safe for Government navigateright Episode

003 Doing social media in government on a shoestring, during times of social change, and when things just get weird

Bill Greeves, Wake County CIO, and co-author of the original social media field guide for government, join GovTech Social regulars Anil, Dustin, and Paul for a wide ranging discussion of doing social media on a shoestring budget, a template for moderating social media contents, and being nimble and responsive during times of significant social change.  The crew manages to work in references to Pluto and stolen peanuts to strategies and tactics for government social media.