One Crazy Weekend


The following podcast is about wrestling. Yes, we know. You see, every year, various wrestling promotions gather in a specific area to have shows, leading up to Wrestlemania. One day, some jackass decided to chronicle all those shows, and he managed to drag his girlfriend and two friends along for the ride. We’re still not sure how he pulled that off. Now, join us to find out what happened one crazy weekend. RSS Feed URL

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Bonus Episode: GCW Presents Joey Janela's Escape From LA

Special guests Writrzblok and The Wire join Casey and Rosen for a recent, non-Mania-weekend show! 


- @Joe_Hunter for the artwork

- @Ontarioku for the intro

- Neil Cicierega for not suing us for using the theme "Mullet with Butterfly Wings" off of the album "Mouth Sounds"

- FITE.TV for access to this show

- Tights and Fights, OSW Review and Wrestlesplania for the inspiration

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