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Online radio station broadcasting a wide variety of underground electronic music, Club, Dance, R&B, Grime, Hip Hop and New Latino Sounds.
Based in South America.


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Makinmovs Radio Show w/ Wst, Jun 06 2019

Podcast: @Makinmovs Radio Show Hosts: Wst Thursday 9PM Chile More info at: Tracklist: Veritas x Rough Veritas x Cazerio Veritas x Robar Dj Pizzafria x Dontstop movin( Flip ) Burn87 x Nothin Luv Burn87 x Pones loco a cualquiera Burn87 x no me quito ( Flip ) Burn87 x Hoy ( Rework ) Jared x Earfqake ( Bootleg ) Santho Mhiercoles x Biscuit Santho Mhiercoles x Bad & Bunjee Santho Mhiercoles x Ok Bitch Santho Mhiercoles x Piketekbron Jared x Amoure ( Flip ) Burn87 x Get High Dstrcv x Tadou ( Rework ) Dj Ends x Kream Vip Lampone x Adnae ( Met JukeEdits ) Lampone x Mntp ( Slowedjuke )