Open Government Podcast


The Open Government Podcast features 10-12min interviews with voices from the Open Government, Open Data, and Civic Engagement communities. You will hear from public servants, technologists, and engaged citizens on how they are working towards creating a more accountable, transparent, and collaborative government.

About the Hosts

Richard Pietro considers himself as a Fanboy of Open Government & Open Data, is a founding member of and was the host for the Open Government Tour (#OGT14), a 20,000km Motorcycle Tour that introduced Open Government & Data to Canadians.

Sameer Vasta is a flâneur, storyteller, letter-writer, egg-whisperer, hugger extraordinaire. He’s interested in how the private sector and public sector can work together to make the world a better place for all of us.


Open Government Podcast navigateright Episode

Richard Pietro - On the Spot

This is our inaugural episode! We plan on posting many podcasts, so think of this as our "Simpsons Season One"...there will be a few kinks here and there but the show will grow and improve as we move forward :-) Today's episode will see Richard Pietro, co-host for the OGTpod and self-proclaimed fanboy of Open Gov & Data, be interviewed by Sameer Vasta...the other co-host of the OGTpod! We will explain what the Open Government Tour was all about and the reasoning for the creation of the Open Government Podcast. Richard Pietro Sameer Vasta Open Government Tour Open Government is the Daft Punk of Government We Are Open People Music: Sheryl's Crush