Origin Of Feces


Extreme metal show, the worst produced in the world, by DJ Tesla and DJ Alligator. Black, Death, and Thrash Metal.
Explicit content galore.

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Origin Of Feces navigateright Episode

Ep.1 - Primitive Origins

DJ Tesla, DJ Alligator


The Red in the Sky is Ours - At the Gates (The Red in the Sky)             4:41
When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water - Demilich (Nespithe)             3:43
Dead but Dreaming - Deicide (Legion)                         3:13

Thurisaz - Graveland (Following the Voice of Blood)                8:49
Sons of Vengance - Angelcorpse (Exterminate)                     6:17
Dawn of Possesion - Immolation (Dawn of Possesion)                3:07

Lake of Fire - Nocturnus (The Key)                        5:03
Severed Survival - Autopsy (Severed Survival)                     3:28
VIRTIOL - Absu (In The Eyes of Jold?nach [EP])                     3:27

The Cruciform Hills - Morpheus Descends (Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones)     6:17
As Eternity Opens - Immortal (Pure Holocaust)                    5:17
Feelings Of Metal Through Flesh - Deeds Of Flesh (Gradually Melted)        3:27
Spearhead [Extended Remix] - Bolt Thrower (Who Dares Wins)            8:42