Origin Of Feces


Extreme metal show, the worst produced in the world, by DJ Tesla and DJ Alligator. Black, Death, and Thrash Metal.
Explicit content galore.

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Origin Of Feces navigateright Episode

Ep.4 - Death Metal Extravaganza



DJ Alligator, DJ Tesla


Golgotha - Incantation -  (Onwards to Golgotha) 3:29
Brains - Atheist (Unquestionable Presence) 3:41
Jesus Wept - Suffocation (Effigy of the Forgotten) 3:42

Imprecation - Satanae Tenebris Infinita
Rancid Blood On Blacked Thorns 4:21
Of the Black Earth 5:43
Carrion Winds of Golgotha 2:01

Unholy Prophecies - Necrophobic (THe Nocturnal Silence) 5:42
Devious Instinct - Monstrosity (Millenium) 4:02
Living Dead - Entombed (Clandestine) 4:26

Before the Creation of Time - Unleashed (Where No Life Dwells) 3:48
The Lost Name Of God - Amorphis (The Karelian Isthmus) 5:34
The Way - Therion (Beyond Sanctorum) 11:06