Overcoming Everything


The greatest success in our lives is often found through our greatest obstacles. When Roger started coaching over 30 years ago he had a client who had made incredible progress in her life. Even though the client was happy Roger had a hard time accepting that he was fit to be a coach -- he didn’t feel worthy but life found a way to help him discover how to move through any adversity. Roger believes that there is a self-guidance mechanism that is activated when the right question is asked and he greatest hope that to be able to help others discover this mechanism for themselves.

Roger will invite many guests who have either done this self guidance into success for themselves, people who have inspired him or a client he has been able to help.

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Nothing Formal and Everything Personal Feat. Avraham Metal

One of eight children growing up in Brooklyn, NY from a family of little financial means and a secular education -- Avraham Metal worked tirelessly to overcome his shyness and to define what his dream would be for his life’s work. Getting no sense of direction from his older siblings even though they were always there to help Avraham shares how he went into Real Estate for a profession to help him overcome his life obstacles. Listen to Roger and Avraham get deep and in touch with how this life path unfolded.

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