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overcoming podcast episode 14 with guest Dustin "KlumbsyD" Klumb

Episode 14 of the Overcoming Podcast w/ Caleb Van Vooren. Featuring guest Dustin "KlumbsyD" Klum a Twitch broadcaster, Podcast Host and Dad. Where we dive deep into relationship building as an introvert when shifting from a mostly private life into a public persona, the skills necessare to initiate and develop relationships, as well as, recognizing when relationships are toxic and need to be terminated. It was an incredibly fruitful conversation packed with a lot of value.

You can check him out on Twitch Tuesday - Saturday from 1 AM EST-6 AM EST at twitch.tv/klumbsyD

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You can check out his podcast on building a stream at castingcompod.podbean.com.

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