Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a completely free podcast indexing and hosting site. We offer 100% free and easy hosting, with benefits such as unlimited bandwidth, effortless iTunes integration, and Google Analytics integration. indexes podcasts from around the web to make searching for favorite podcasts and discovering new ones easy. New podcasts are added daily and subscribing is easy.

For Indexed Podcasts

If your podcast is in our index, please refer to the questions below:

1. Will the existing audio file URL be referenced?
Yes, we don't change the URL.

2. Will the audio files be stored on our servers?
No, we reference the URL in the RSS feed every time.

3. Will there be ads inserted to my podcast?
No, we will never insert ads into your podcast.

4. How can I include a backlink into my podcast?
If you’d like to include a backlink into your podcast, please email us the link at support(at)

5. How does track my stats?
We track how many times each episode was downloaded and a star rating system for each podcast. If you host your podcast with us, you can view these stats.

6. How can I claim my podcast?
If you would like to claim your podcast, go to the page where your podcast is listed and click the “Claim This Podcast” link in the bottom left corner.

7. How can I switch my hosting to the free hosting?
To switch your hosting to, visit our website and follow the steps under the “Signup” link in the upper right corner of the page.

8. How do I update my RSS feed URL in iTunes?
Updating your podcast’s RSS feed in iTunes is easy. Simply add a item to your RSS feed with the new URL. If you are able to, change your old RSS feed to an HTTP 301 redirect. There are more details here.

9. How can I remove my podcast from
To remove your podcast from, click the “Remove this podcast” link on the page where your podcast is listed.

For Hosted Podcasts

If you’re considering hosting your podcasts for free with, please refer to the questions below:

1. How is able to offer this for free?
In order to give you a free place to host your podcast, we place banner ads on some of our directory web pages. Please note that we never put any advertisements in the podcast itself.

3. Can I host multiple podcasts in my account?
Yes, you can host multiple podcasts on your account. The more the merrier!