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PK 191: Do you Love your art?

In this episode, Mitch talks about how you feel about the art that you are making and why if you aren't loving it, you could be in for a very rocky road.

But even if you don't love it and still want to do it there is hope!

The reason why it's important to realize this is that the people who really love what they are doing are actually quite rare, and this love can take you very far in any direction you want.

However, where it gets dangerous is when you are the person who doesn't have the love for what you are doing and you are taking advice from someone who does have the love and passion... in this case, no matter what you try to do to follow the advice it's going to be very difficult because you're missing the key ingredient - LOVE!

But what if you don't have or can't find the love?! Does this mean you should just give up? Not at all! If this is you, then you can use careful selection to find the program that will give you the end result you want or keep trying different creative projects until you find one that lights you up.


1:00 - Needing a foundation before any art advice can be applied to yourself

2:30 - Understanding the journey to find what you love in art

4:45 - Try different creative areas quickly and painlessly to find the one you love without spending any money

6:57 - How to determine if you love something or not by trying several different things

14:19 - The difference between people who have a love for their craft and everyone else

15:32 - When you try to do creative work, do yourself a favor and turn off your phone to avoid distractions

16:47 - How to become a working professional if you don't have or can't find the love?

20:28 - How to use the Digital Artist Career Blueprint book to chart your own creative career path


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