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PK 193: How to Unlock Your Full Creative Potential

Rayna was stuck for 15 years... and then 3 questions changed everything.

The questions allowed her to see her life from a completely different view allowing all kinds of amazing opportunities to come her way and now she helps other artists do the same.

This fascinating conversation continues on with the creative coaches we've been speaking with to dig even deeper and see just how crucial your mindset is to everything you do.

If you’ve felt like you’ve been held back, or that everyone else around you is making easier progress your own mind could be the only thing holding you back.  As you listen to this episode ask yourself where you may have your own mindset blocks that need attention.



1:07: Rayna's Introduction


2:19: How do you explain mindset and how has changing your own mindset led to better results in your life?

4:38: How long did you stay stuck with a mindset that was holding you back?

10:05: When you switched your mindset after 15 years, did the change stick?

12:58: How to get past the firm belief that anything in life worth doing requires hard work?

17:06: Using your mindset to allow for more time in your life so you can be in flow and allow things to happen naturally

21:28: Moving past judgment of yourself and of others to be creatively free

23:29: Does your mindset allow you to only bring good people and work into your life?

28:20: An example of where mindsets can be created as a child and stick with you for your entire life

30:20: An example of what happens when an artist switches their money mindset issue

33:46: What stops us from moving forward towards our goals even when we know it's safe?




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