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A podcast dedicated to the do-do's and don't-do's of personalized learning. We are irreverent, yet unabashedly authentic. If you want to learn a little about personalized learning for your classroom/school/district, and are willing to challenge your assumptions, then Matt & Courtney can help. Agree with us, challenge us, debate with us. It's education. Personalized. RSS Feed URL

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BONUS: iNACOL interviews preview!

Matt and Courtney traveled to California to manage the VoicesHub at the annual iNACOL Symposium, and not only did they come away with a month's worth of episodes, they changed the name of the symposium while they were there! iNACOL is now the Aurora Institute, and the energy out of this gathering was evident in the amazing interviews Matt and Courtney wrangled from the attendees. 

These interview episodes will be out every day Monday through Friday starting November 18. They are a collection of some of the leading minds in the personalized learning field, and we hope you will like listening to them as much as we had talking to them. Look for the pods in this feed, and check out the Aurora Institute Innovation Spotlight podcast, where Matt and Courtney host long-form interviews with the Aurora Institute's leaders.