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Jason Swanson: Interview at Aurora Institute Symposium 2019

Matt and Courtney talk with Jason Swanson, Director of Strategic Foresight for KnowledgeWorks at the Aurora Institute Symposium 2019. He talks about the future, what a futurist does, and how it all works around forecasting the future of education. We learned so much about a topic we were a little skeptical about!

From his bio on Jason explores the future of learning, helping stakeholders translate future insights into forward-thinking visions for transforming education. Jason has explored how trends and developments such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality might impact learning. He has authored dozens of articles and forecasts, ranging from the future of work and readiness, the future of credentials, the expansion and diversification of educator roles and the creation of learning ecosystems. An experienced speaker and facilitator, Jason has worked with a diverse array of education stakeholders to make sense of the future, including students, teachers, administrators, education innovators, policymakers and more.