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A podcast dedicated to the do-do's and don't-do's of personalized learning. We are irreverent, yet unabashedly authentic. If you want to learn a little about personalized learning for your classroom/school/district, and are willing to challenge your assumptions, then Matt & Courtney can help. Agree with us, challenge us, debate with us. It's education. Personalized. RSS Feed URL

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S5 Ep13: Venn Diagrams can be better

Matt and Courtney return to talking amongst themselves. In this episode, they discuss Venn diagrams (sorry Mr. and Mrs. Venn!) and how teachers can do something similar yet much stronger for our learners - comparison matrixes! They are so much easier than they sound, and the rigor is through the roof. They also involve all kids by meeting the target, but perhaps not in the same way - take a listen to find out! You'll also hear Courtney's dogs in multiple places throughout the episode. Everyone wants to be on Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney!