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A podcast dedicated to the do-do's and don't-do's of personalized learning. We are irreverent, yet unabashedly authentic. If you want to learn a little about personalized learning for your classroom/school/district, and are willing to challenge your assumptions, then Matt & Courtney can help. Agree with us, challenge us, debate with us. It's education. Personalized. RSS Feed URL

Personalized Learning with Matt & Courtney navigateright Episode

S5 Ep15: Coronavirus Special! Time to reflect and see the big picture.

Matt and Courtney return! Although we are homebound these days, as is everyone else, there are still lots of things to think about around personalized learning. We talk about a lot of big picture things, how this is a perfect time to think about those things, and lots more. We'll be back weekly to talk through issues that come up - give us your feedback and what you'd like us to discuss!