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The Institute of Art and Ideas is committed to placing philosophy and big ideas at the heart of public life -- building philosophy for our times. Described by Total Politics as "Europe's answer to TED", the IAI hosts the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn and curates hundreds of debates and talks a year with the world’s leading thinkers. For over 1000 free debates and talks, visit or subscribe and review our podcasts on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and Acast.


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Title: E162 | The End Of All Things | John Dupré, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright

E162 | The End Of All Things | John Dupré, Subir Sarkar, Nancy Cartwright

July 16th, 2019

We tend to think of physical, material things as the ultimate stuff of the universe. Yet contemporary physics has largely abandoned physical things in… Go to Episode

E161 | The Fascination With Evil | Terry Eagleton, Susan Neiman, Stephen de Wijze

July 9th, 2019

We may condemn tyrants and abhor serial killers, but we are obsessed with evil and violence. Our news and our entertainment focus on such material - one… Go to Episode

E160 | The Right Way to Think | Paul Boghossian, Mary Jane Rubenstein, Alister McGrath

July 2nd, 2019

Reason was traditionally seen as the Enlightenment’s great legacy and the origin of our success. Yet reason is increasingly derided as just the rhetorical… Go to Episode

E159 | The Prejudice of Philosophy | Chakravarthi Ram Prasad, Nivi Manchanda, Timothy Williamson

June 25th, 2019

Many see the search for universal truths about the world as the noble aim of philosophy. Yet our universities largely dismiss non-Western philosophy,… Go to Episode