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Learning the technical side of photography is very important, but learning what to photograph is just as important. Photo Kibitz is about understanding photography by chatting with photographers and people that have an interest in photography. We’ll get to know them, their work and the work of others. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about the people behind the camera, their ideas, their inspirations, the people they admire and what happens after the shutter is pressed.


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The Perspective Explorer - Jake Morrison

Jake Morrison has been taking pictures most of his life. Like many photographers, He is often called upon to shoot different types of events; however, landscapes large and small are what really interests him. 

The body of Jake's work includes large panoramic vistas of the Yukon and collages of flowers shot in his studio. At first glance the styles look like they were taken by two different photographers, but there is a unifying connection between them, which he explains in the podcast.

A natural explorer, Jake’s investigations have included taking classes at the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa School of Art, and the School of photographic Arts (SPAO), he also spends time reading, studying the works of others, like painter/photographer David Hockney, and experimenting with subjects that fascinates him.

Since 2006, Jake has been exhibiting his work in solo and group shows primarily in Ottawa and in Toronto. 

Jake's passion for photography takes him beyond his own work. He a founding member of FAP:O - Fine Art Photographers : Ottawa.

To see more of Jake's work, visit his website: