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Learning the technical side of photography is very important, but learning what to photograph is just as important. Photo Kibitz is about understanding photography by chatting with photographers and people that have an interest in photography. We’ll get to know them, their work and the work of others. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about the people behind the camera, their ideas, their inspirations, the people they admire and what happens after the shutter is pressed.


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The Serendipity Catcher - Leslie Hanti

I would like to say Leslie Hanti's photographic work is serendipitous, but that would imply his work comes by chance or luck. While there is alway an element of luck and chance, it is also Leslie's vision, determination and persistence which allows him to capture his images. As you will hear, Leslie can spend hours, days, weeks and years waiting for all of the elements in an image to come together.

Leslie's card reads "Stop-by-Stop Images", because he is almost always with camera in-hand and ready to record the world as he sees it. 

Like an onion, you have to peel back the many layers to get to know Leslie Hanti. Over the last few years and I think I've only seen a small fraction of his work. Hopefully soon we will all have an opportunity to see more of his work.