Photog Adventures Podcast: A Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Podcast


Brendon Porter and Aaron King decided despite day jobs and family responsibilities that it was time to finally build up their photography portfolios and focus on GETTING OUT THERE to capture beautiful landscapes and astrophotography. Starting this year, we have committed to get out at least twice a month - if not more - and have some Photog Adventures. The Photog Adventures Podcast is where Brendon and Aaron recap their trips throughout beautiful Utah and the surrounding area and discuss what went well, what could have gone better and what they learned as they were out there. When we aren't talking recent adventures, we learn from guest photographers in the area and worldwide who share the same love of landscape and astrophotography. If you are a beginning landscape or astrophotographer, come along and learn from our mistakes and our successes. If anything, it will inspire you to find time to get out there and have a photog adventure of your own!


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Title: Michael Ver Sprill | Milky Way Mike joins me to talk our FIRST 2020 Milky Way Adventures | Ep 155

Michael Ver Sprill | Milky Way Mike joins me to talk our FIRST 2020 Milky Way Adventures | Ep 155

May 1st, 2020

Michael Ver Sprill of Milky Way Mike fame on YouTube, joins the podcast to share the story of his Covid-19 Quarantine and tell us about his FIRST Milky… Go to Episode

Joshua Cripps | Our Out of Chicago LIVE Presentation & THE BEST IMAGE I did NOT know about! | Ep 154

April 19th, 2020

Josh joins me to talk about the presentation we will be teaching together during this week’s Out of Chicago LIVE Conference and then he tells me about… Go to Episode

Covid-19 Derailment, 16-hours of Facebook Live Stream & Deep Sky Astrophotography PART ONE | Ep 153

April 17th, 2020

Get your copy of my Milky Way Course at: ?For the first 30 minutes I talk about what the Corona situation meant… Go to Episode

Ten Must Do Steps Before Milky Way Photography | Ep 151

March 5th, 2020

Welcome to the first ever Milky Way Photographers Guild Podcast! Join the Guild here: The Astro Photog Podcast… Go to Episode