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Do you want to practice English but think many speakers go too fast? Do you want to improve your listening and reading skills at the same time?

Plain English is a weekly audio program spoken at the right speed for English language learners—just a little bit slower than native speed. Each episode features a selection of news stories or current events from around the world, followed by a discussion of the English vocabulary and English phrases used in the episode.

Each episode has full transcripts available free online at, where you can read along as you listen. Native Spanish speakers can also view interactive transcripts with definitions of key words and phrases.

Learning a language should be about using it and enjoying it, not always about studying. We like to say that Plain English is for English learners but not about learning English. Engage with the show on Facebook (PlainEnglishPod) and Twitter (@PlainEnglishPod) or e-mail feedback to [email protected]


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Title: Quest to care for animals in Australia | Learn the English phrase 'in the face of'

Quest to care for animals in Australia | Learn the English phrase 'in the face of'

January 20th, 2020

" The latest Australian wildfires are some of the most dangerous and destructive fires in recent history. The fires have already burned millions of acres,… Go to Episode

Father of preventative medicine is still working at age 100 | Learn the English phrase 'play a part'

January 16th, 2020

" Dr. Jeremiah Stamler is credited as the father of preventative medicine, and he is still working at 100 years old. Dr. Stamler spent his career researching… Go to Episode

Former Renault-Nissan CEO escapes Japan | Learn the English phrase 'take a hit'

January 13th, 2020

" Carlos Ghosn, former Renault-Nissan CEO, was awaiting trial in Japan for a number of white-collar crimes. Japanese officials kept delaying his trial,… Go to Episode

Premium economy: more ‘economy’ than ‘premium’ | Learn the English phrase 'to come in handy'

January 9th, 2020

" In between economy class (in the back) and business class (in the front), airlines have created a new class of service called ""premium economy."" This… Go to Episode