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I teach Biblical Strategies on management (stewardship) of Time, Talent, Treasure & Temple to Christian income earners. The focus is on wealth expansion and profitable and abundant living in these key areas of the Christian experience because PROSPERITY IS NOT ENTITLED BUT IT IS WITHIN REACH. Profitable Christians can enjoy Debt-Free Wealth and give generously to the things that move their hearts.

We take an unapologetic Christian approach to our topics because we believe the Bible is a practical, relevant guide to success.

We make no apology for our Christian foundation. You have the right to tune out just as much as we have the right and freedom to create the content.

I approach each show with the mindset that I am of the caliber of Oprah or Bill O'Reily - in other words, this is my way of delivering high value at high standards to my listening audience.

Our RISING STARS segment features the Movers & Shakers in their niche who are providing massive value to those they serve and are building raving fans along the way. RISING STARS goes behind the scenes to showcase the driving force of their passion and success.

On our Breakout Segment, we showcase new launches (books, products, etc).

Coming in 2017 - MEN TALK! With my co-host, Law Professor, Patrick Pearce. Men and women truly think differently about things and men sometimes feel uncomfortable to voice their opinion, fears, and desires to their female partners yet still need to vent or have an objective input. This show is for you.

If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth Radio, please see my policy sheet at for more info.

If you would like to appear on Debt Free Wealth Radio, please see my policy sheet at for more info.


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