Punwatch: The News Pun Quiz Game


Do you like puns? Do you particularity enjoy punny headlines in newspapers? Would you like to hear masses of them recited in quick succession? If so, you’ll probably enjoy Punwatch.

Punwatch is a game show in which 3 or 4 funny people try to guess the correct pun-ish headline attached to various news stories from the week. Some of the puns are brilliant, some of them awful, and some are such tenuous stretches they’d make Lilia Stepanova wince (look her up).

Either way, there’s lots of ‘em. Even if you don’t like puns, give Punwatch a go: You’d be surprised how much better puns about an accidentally eaten French camel get when you hear 40 in a row.


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Title: 419: Prez Sez Canvas Cats

419: Prez Sez Canvas Cats

August 9th, 2020

Episode 419 of Punwatch, Pundemic Edition, with unregistered cats and naughty birds. Punsters: James Ferris, Lisa Dib, Harry Brimage, David Shaw Host:… Go to Episode

418: Police Plant Maims Mallard

July 25th, 2020

Episode 418 of Punwatch, Pundemic Edition, with very special guest Jerzy Gwiazdowski from Punk-Assed: A Pun Cast! As always, you're doing yourself a disservice… Go to Episode

417: Boozing Down The House

June 2nd, 2020

Episode 417 of Punwatch, Pundemic Edition! This one is super low brow, we're very sorry. Thanks Matt, Ryan, Flanners and Drew! Punsters: David Shaw, Harry… Go to Episode

416: Knicks On Fire

April 21st, 2020

Episode 416 of Punwatch, Pundemic Edition! No COVID puns, this week at least. Thanks Ryan and Sam! Punsters: David Shaw, Harry Brimage, Lisa Dib, Alex… Go to Episode