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Podcast by Tom Hall and Dan Meek (Biomechanist, Strength Coach, Trainer and Powerlifter BRO)(Sports Nutritionist, Strength Coach, Trainer and Bodybuilder BRO) of Pushpulllegs.co.uk


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51. Dr Lisa Lewis - Psychology for Everything Fitness - Men and Women

First show of 2017! - its a great one. Dr Lisa Lewis joins the boys for some real qualified talk on psychology. Lisa has a private clinic in Boston - Lectures at University - Speaks Publicly and runs workshops about getting women in to strength training. She is one of the people to watch out for in 2017 So our discussion covers... - Im not afraid to lift - workshops with Artemis Scantalides - Experience in strength sport - Clients she has worked with that are awesome - How to go from average to awesome - Why men and women are different in training... should they be? - Pregnant training and more important topics.. - Best Egg Preparation - Best Protein bar in the US - Favourite Meats - Top People to follow in Psychology - Favourite Exercise