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Radio Rebel Gael began as a podcast in the year of 2005, in the Bronx, NYC.

It has always been, since day one, dedicated to promoting the best Irish Music, including Celtic Rock, Irish Folk, Irish Trad,
with a definite Fenian perspective, which is where it may differ from podcasters who may shy away from Irish Rebel music
or Fenian-inspired tunes, Radio Rebel Gael, on the other hand, favors this style of Irish music, seeing the word “Fenian” as a compliment. RSS Feed URL

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Featuring all of the best by :

Black 47 (New York)

Christy Moore(Newbridge, Co. Kildare)

Clan Of Celts (London)

Clear the Battlefield (New York) 

Colm O'Brien (Boston)

Coscán (Slane, Co. Meath)

Davey Arthur (Donegal) 

David Rovics (New York/Portland)

Flying Column (Belfast)

George Carlin (New York)

Goitse (Limerick)

Gypsy Rebel Rabble (Dublin)

Horslips (Dublin)

John Spillane (Cork) 

Martin Butler & John Owens (Boston)

Paddy Nash and The Happy Enchiladas (Derry)

Planxty (Kildare/Dublin)

Pól Mac Adaim (Belfast/Co.Lough)

Rory Gallagher (Ballyshannon,Co.Cork)

Screaming Orphans (Bundoran, Co.Donegal)

Seamus Kennedy (Belfast)

Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast)

Taste (Cork)

The Amadans (Glasgow)

The Tossers (Chicago)

The Walker Roaders (Los Angeles)

The Walls (Dublin)

The Wolfe Tones (Dublin)

Thin Lizzy (Dublin)

50 Brilliant Tunes , Recorded by Exceptional Musicians, 

Supported by a Great audience, 

Working Class people, like James Larkin once said :

“The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!”

1.) The Lost Tribe of Wicklow - Christy Moore [Lily]

2.) The Well Below The Valley - Planxty [The Well Below the Valley]

3.) Follow Me Up To Carlow (written by Fiach Mac Aodha Ó Broin) - Screaming Orphans [Taproom]

4.) Ghost Riders In The Sky (written by Stan Jones) - Screaming Orphans [Lonely Boy]

5.) March Into Trouble - Horslips [The Book of Invasions]

6.) Trouble (With a Capital T) - Horslips [The Book of Invasions]

7.) King of the Fairies - Horslips [Dancehall Sweethearts]

8.) 1969 - The Tossers [Smash The Windows]

9.) Trip to Jerusalem (written by Christy Moore) - Pól MacAdaim [Forsaken Land]

10.) Another Day - Pól MacAdaim [My Name Is Troy Davis]

11.) I'd Rather Be Dancing (written by Wally Page) - The Amadans [Sin é]

12.) Running Bear (written by 'The Big Bopper') - Stiff Little Fingers [All The Best]

13.) Harp - Stiff Little Fingers [Get a Life]

14.) Sleep on a Clothes Line - Rory Gallagher [Tattoo]

15.) The Irish Spring - David Rovics [1939]

16.) Bás in Éirinn - Black 47 [Bankers & Gangsters]

17.) The Night The Showbands Died - Black 47 [Last Call]

18.) Advertising - George Carlin

19.) Amazing Offer - Horslips [Short Stories / Tall Tales]

20.) Stacey Lawlor - Clan Of Celts [Beggars, Celts And Madmen]

21.) Lord Randall's Bastard Son - The Walker Roaders [The Walker Roaders]

22.) Seo Yun - The Walker Roaders [The Walker Roaders]

23.) The Voyage of the Sirius - John Spillane [The Man Who Came In From The Dark] 

24.) Arkle (written by Dominic Behan) - Seamus Kennedy [Party Pieces]

25.) Concrete Road - Seamus Kennedy [Live!]

26.) Cushialitee - Paddy Nash and The Happy Enchiladas [When We Were Brave]

27.) Tom Williams - Flying Column  [Favourite Irish Rebel Ballads]

28.) Home By Bearna - Christy Moore [Whatever Tickles Your Fancy]

29.) Farmer Michael Hayes - Christy Moore [Folk Tale]

30.) The Galway Farmer - Davey Arthur & Co [Celtic Side Saddle]

31.) Euston Station - Davey Arthur & Co [Celtic Side Saddle]

32.) Henry Joy - Goitse [Úr]

33.) The Queen of Argyll - Goitse [Úr]

34.) The Hare in the Heather - The Wolfe Tones [Belt Of The Celts]

35.) The Tinvane - Coscán [Dinnsenchas (Lore of Places)]

36.) A Warning to Conquerors/ Dublin 1913 - Colm O'Brien [Thomas MacDonagh: Poet and Patriot]

37.) The Poems of a Good Man - Martin Butler & John Owens [Thomas MacDonagh: Poet and Patriot]

38.) The Snows - Pól Mac Adaim [Forsaken land]

39.) Crabs In The Skillet - Horslips [Drive The Cold Winter Away]

40.) I Roved Out - Clear the Battlefield [Set Me Free]

41.) The Rights of Man - Clear the Battlefield [Set Me Free]

42.) Allende - Christy Moore  [Live at Vicar Street]

43.) Chestnut - The Walls  [HI-LO]

44.) Grian Gheal Lonrach - The Walls [Ceol 10 Súil Siar]

45.) Big Blue Whale - Gypsy Rebel Rabble [The Under Over Album]

46.) I'm Moving On - Taste [Taste]

47.) If I Don't Sing I'll Cry - Taste [On the Boards]

48.) Mama Nature Said - Thin Lizzy  [Vagabonds of the Western World]

49.) The Hero And The Madman -  Thin Lizzy  [Vagabonds of the Western World]

50.) Vagabond of the Western World- Thin Lizzy [Vagabonds of the Western World]

Radio Rebel Gael is dedicated to Roots, Revolution, Rhythm and Rebel Frequencies