Radio Retropolis


Hosted by Jim Romanovich.

Retro cool, refreshingly new. A network of podcasts under several genres relating to the retro pop culture field and how these features are relevant to everyone today. Retro doesn't mean old. It's about a style and a vibe that is all about one's passion.

These podcasts will consist of classic radio drama and discussion, blogs, new interviews from individuals who contributed to the pop culture experience, and high end audio documentaries.


Radio Retropolis navigateright Episode

The Suspense Radio Podcast #51- Statement of Employee Henry Wilson

After a fellow employee gets a promotion Henry Wilson believes was meant for him, Henry decides to kill him and take his place with what he believes is the perfect alibi. Commentary on the psychoanalytical plotline and how we may react if found in the same situation.  Plus, a look at the career of star Gene Lockhart who turns in a magnificent performance.