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Real Talk with Sam The Realtor is a real estate talk show hosted by Samuel Awosolu. Sam is a Realtor and Investor in the South Florida area. He works with investors around the globe with an interest in real estate in South Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

In this podcast, he will equip you with all the resources, tips, and strategies you will need in order to make an informed decision on your real estate endeavors. His guests will give insight into the local real estate industry further helping you with due diligence and decision making.

Be sure to join Sam on his real estate adventures and travels at visit where you can follow him on all of his social media platforms.


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STR 007 – 10 Misconceptions About Florida Homeowners Insurance With Zane Lefko

In this episode, Zane Lefko joins us from The John Galt Insurance Agency. Zane is a well known Insurance agent from the South Florida area.
He comes on this episode with a ton of knowledge to share on homeowners insurance and the misconceptions people have about their policies.
Zane breaks down and helps us expose the most common myths most South Florida residents have about their homeowner insurance policies. He also gives great advice and tips on how to get the most out of your home insurance policies.
One common myth we expose on the show are for those living east of I-95 who believe ...