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The Reel 2 Recent podcast pits two movies connected by heritage or theme against each other. Do the originals still hold up? Does the modern interpretation improve? It's time to find out.

With planned features and a smattering of current movie news, Reel 2 Recent is a podcast jammed full of content you may want to listen to. But you probably won't. RSS Feed URL

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Episode 3: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vs Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In the third episode of Reel2Recent, we tackle a childhood classic: the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A magical tale of chocolate and (horrible) children, which version of this Roald Dahl story is more entertaining?

With Gene Wilder as the classic Willy Wonka and Johnny Depp in the modern interpretation, which actor carries more weight? Which film has more likable kids? Which Grandpa Joe is more of a jerk? All of these questions will be answered and more!

Alongside our namesake, Reel 2 Recent, we also talk about the not-so-latest news. Without spoilers, one of the gang gets pretty mad at some recent revelations.