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194. How To Create And Grow A Powerful Restaurant BRAND

Anyone can market a business, but few can build an “Unstoppable Brand”! What’s the difference? Passion, inspiration, creativity, commitment! A Brand represents your customer’s image, perception and opinion of your business. Do this right and you’ll create a lasting legacy. There are so many aspects to Brand Building… logo, colors, font, ambiance, uniforms, signature dishes and drinks and theatrics… yes, theatrics. Don’t forget this business is all about Entertainment. You’re in business to create experiences for your customers that will bring them back again and again and more importantly spread the word. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with Meg Prejzner a brand strategy guru who’s the Founder and CEO of Hackett Brand Consulting. We’ll talk about the key elements of a powerful brand, what to do and how to get there. Not only is Social Media critical today for every operation, but listen on as we discuss the power of “Influencer Marketing”.. that is creating an army of passionate brand ambassadors for your business. And don’t forget the importance of your staff who are the foundation of your operation. Train them well, recognize and reward them, build a strong culture and watch them build your brand and business. Visit to reach out to Meg and for lots of brand-building ideas and inspiration Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant! Roger Schedule a free 30 min consult with Roger: Learn More about our Courses on Restaurant Finances, Server Sales Training & How To Start and Run A Super Profitable Restaurant: Follow Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: