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195. Restaurant Design for R.O.I. and Increased Profit!

If you’re thinking about freshening up your restaurant with a makeover or if you’re starting a brand new place, you have to listen to this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast. Today I’m speaking with a 30 year veteran designer in the hospitality and food service space. Its incredible! Lu Schildmeyer of LU S Design Associates has designed over 700 restaurants, 400 bars and 1500 food service facilities. We’ll be talking the basics of lighting design, materials and finishes. More importantly, you’ll get the lowdown on the importance of traffic flow, acoustics, your menu, efficient kitchen design and complying with building and life-safety codes. Lu has the talent and experience to achieve great design without breaking the bank. You’ll also learn how great design can increase profit, cut food waste and reduce labor. Head over to: for great ideas, testimonials, Lu’s past projects and his other services and while you’re at it, why not connect with Lu on LinkedIn. Now Go Out There and ROCK Your Restaurant! Roger Learn how to make restaurant WAY MORE PROFITABLE: Learn how to DOUBLE YOUR RESTAURANT SALES: Learn how to Start & Run A SUPER POPULAR Restaurant with HIGH PROFITS: Set Up A FREE CONSULT CALL with Roger: