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200. Making The Most Of Downtime During Covid-19 - A ROUNDTABLE

RockStars…this is it, our BIG 200th Episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast and it comes at a most CHALLENGING time. This crisis is unprecedented and the worst disaster to ever hit our industry. The Stats are staggering: Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Lost, Millions and millions of our employees out of work and worst of all, complete uncertainty for the future. When will we be able to re-open our restaurants? Will there be a crush of business, or will it take time to get back to normal? No-one has the crystal ball. But, one fact is clear. Now is the time to put your business systems in place. To give yourself a fighting chance not just at survival, but true success. Greater than before the crisis, much greater than business as usual. With me today are leading food industry professionals from two broad-line distributors… partners that care about relationships, about providing service and value-added to customers and most important, sharing their decades of experience and hard-won knowledge. This episode is all about what you can do Now for your business while things are idle or slower than usual. Roundtable Participants: David Ross, CEO of HillCrest Foods, Anthony Hamilton, Dir. of Marketing & Sales/HillCrest Foods, Luke Labree Chief Marketing Officer for Dennis Paper and Food Service, as well as Timothy Labonte, Executive Chef for Dennis Paper & Food Service. We’ll be covering: - The importance of Inventory, calculating your Prime Cost & Daily Break-Even - Profit Planning for the future - Statt Training, Development, Recognition & Rewards - Cross-Training staff for greater coverage and flexibility - Social Media and asking for Positive Online Reviews - Staying relevant and top of mind with your customers and followers during the crisis, - Equipment Preventative Maintenance This is a hot episode all about Best Practices while closed or offering limited service. Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant! Roger MORE RESTAURANT RESOURCES: