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202. An Objective View of Modern POS Systems + Pivoting

RockStars: The fact is that you need technology to run an efficient and profitable restaurant operation, and everyday, new software is coming on the market. Whether you are a veteran, brand new or aspiring operator; Its our goal at the Restaurant RockStars podcast to bring you new technologies so that you can make an informed decision for your hospitality business. LATE BREAKING NEWS: Since this episode was recorded, Covid-19 has turned our industry upside down forcing us to pivot our operations. Although this episode is about Lavu POS, Lavu has itself pivoted to focus on MenuDrive, their online ordering and delivery platform. Make sure to listen to my addendum to this episode to hear how quickly you can integrate MenuDrive to your existing POS and be up and operating with it in as little as one hour! Go to Also of note: Lavu has waived hosting fees for customers shut down by the virus. At the heart of your operation is of course your Point of Sale system. Interestingly, modern systems are now integrating other value-added applications such as Inventory control, payment processing, online ordering, etc… There are so many features, options and choices to look at, so with today’s episode, we’re not just bringing you another system, but an objective opinion from a software and POS expert who tells all from your perspective. Its all about mobility which enhances convenience for staff and customers. With order taking and payments on the fly, service speeds up along with volume of customers you’re able to serve. With a full management suite; inventory control, payment processing, online ordering are all possible with just one system. Today’s guest is Saleem Khatri, CEO of Saleem and I will discuss what’s most important for an operator looking to upgrade from an older system to the latest technology or for those seeking their first system to do it all. If you Click on the URL above, Saleem provides a Free Demo to see for yourself how Lavu can help your operation. Now go out there and Rock your Restaurant! Roger Show Notes: