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In a new move for this series, Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast is provided in video format for no cost (to you). It’s ad-libbed and unedited and largely unplanned - the conversations can go off on all kinds of comedic tangents, or be serious. Recorded in front of a paying audience. If you would like to support the production then please donate to our badge fund here -


Richard Herring’s Video Leicester Square Theatre Podcast navigateright Episode

Rosie Jones RHLSTP #215

Rich’s diet continues to go well, but will he be in his 2015 suit by the end of the series? The anticipation is killing us all I know. His guest this week is the sweet-looking, foul-mouthed Rosie Jones. They chat about her meteoric rise to stand up success, how pacing affects comedic impact and can save you having to write too much stuff, what it’s like to be on shows she once worked behind the scenes on, how Jimmy Carr messed up her jokes, some extraordinary stuff about having sex with dead animals, disabled representation in the media and how inappropriate humour can help us through tricky situations and ultra-serious acting scenes. Plus the other Rosie Jones and a new take on Sliding Doors and how comedy can help people to understand disability. You’ll love her. She’s awesome.