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Roleplay Retcon re-imagines disappointing movies using tabletop RPGs, the power of hindsight, and jokes. Each series is a mini-campaign based on an offending film, injected with action, adventure and comedy. Each campaign also uses a different RPG system!


Roleplay Retcon navigateright Episode

Roleplay Retcon does Super Mario Bros. (the Movie!), Ep. 1: World 1-1

The first episode of our Super Mario Bros. movie remake is stuffed full of Mario references by Ben, accurate New York accents by Alex, mannequin anxiety by Jensie, and mushroom puns by Charlie. Plus, the soundtrack has music by very cool math rock band Challenger Deep!

W.O.I.N. RPG system by Mike Myler.

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"Welcome to the Show," "Immersive," "Camelia," and "Imagiro" by Challenger Deep

Original Super Mario Bros. score by Alan Silvestri