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Brewing up a Restaurant Hit: How Clermont Brewing Company is Built for Success

There are so many things to get right with a new restaurant concept. The folks at CBC did a great job hitting all the checkboxes. In this "on location" session Jaime Oikle, RR's founder, sits down with Darren Johnson, co-owner and founder of Clermont Brewing Company, a new brewery, restaurant and music venue in suburban Central Florida. Darren's advice reads like a restaurant success 101 manual. BIG TAKEAWAY: Building profitability right into the DNA of your restaurant from the start is a huge key. The tips and lessons we cover are critical for any restaurant fighting the brutal margin battles of this crazy business. Topics Covered: Starting a restaurant, location, menu development, profitability, wow experience, live music, events, community, fundraising, culture, hiring, firing, sports on tv, traditional marketing, radio & tv, social media & a lot more... I'm really not kidding when I say this is a must watch... Carve out the won't be disappointed... Find more at &