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Join Sam, Alex & Chris as they rank every science fiction film EVER. Three films an episode are discussed and added to the ranking, until we run out of films.

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0143: Ex Machina

For the next three weeks we're each picking a 'big' sci-fi film that we've never seen, the catchily titled (and not at all stolen) I've Never Seen... season! First up, Sam has never seen... Ex Machina, and it turns out neither have Alex or Chris. Join us as we get deep, dance a little, try and sort out the film's ending and talk about Blade Runner a bit, because Sam is hosting, so obviously. Next week Alex has never seen... Mad Max: Fury Road, which is pretty crazy! GIVE US 5 STARS ON ITUNES! ( Get in touch! ( Visit the Website! ( Download the soundtrack! ( See the list so far! ( And we're on Twitter (, Instagram ( and Facebook ( too!