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A celebration of the cult favorite podcast, Hollywood Handbook, superfans Greggy and Chanson countdown the top 15 fan-voted episodes from the past year. RSS Feed URL

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Scoop Troop Top Tips - 2016 Volume 1 (15-11, NonHH 3)

Chanson and Greggy count down the best clips of the year from the amazing Hollywood Handbook podcast on Earwolf hosted by Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport with a little help from AV Club writer Rebecca Bulnes. In this episode, they introduce clips 15-11 as voted on by the members of the Earwolf subreddit.


#119 Friends, Our Close Friends Time Stamp: 0:00- 9:55:8, 29:46:6-37:17. Hayes comes back from the bathroom & Fuck, marry, kill: Earwolf employees
#149 Just Sean and Hayes Time Stamp: 02:01-22:01. Intro (Sean explains why he can say retard, Knocked Up jokes), Stank or Dank, Kevin enters the room
#147 Julie Klausner, Back Again Time Stamp: 05:49-20:07.5, 27:42.3-32:21.3. Hayes and Sean forget how to do the show & Hayes is mad at Sean (plus the Julie, Blue Apron bit)
#123 Kulap Vilaysack, Our Close Friend Time Stamp: 46:39-58:55 (this end might not be right). Top 5 podcasts that have not asked Sean and Hayes to be on
#145 Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, Our Friends from School Time Stamp: 26:35-46:21. Lacrosse Artist Play
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