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A celebration of the cult favorite podcast, Hollywood Handbook, superfans Greggy and Chanson countdown the top 15 fan-voted episodes from the past year. RSS Feed URL

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Scoop Troop Top Tips - 2016 Volume 2 (10-6, NonHH 2)

Chanson and Greggy continue to countdown the best clips of the year from the amazing Hollywood Handbook podcast on Earwolf hosted by Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport. On this week's episode, the AV Club's Rebecca Bulnes, intern Andy Kneis, along with Greggy's co-host of Podcasts are Wonderful (and offspring), Alex, help Greggy and Chanson introduce the top 10 through 6 episodes from the year and the second favorite podcast appearance from Sean and Hayes as voted on by the Earwolf subreddit and the Hollywood Handbook forums. CLIPS IN THIS VOLUME: 159 Jessica McKenna, Our Vote Video Person Time stamp: 39:39-57:42. Lullaby for adults/Dean Norris, Jess gaslights Sean. 139 Matt Besser, Our Crossovered Friend Time stamp: 5:58.6-10:10, 35:17.5-49:10. Introduce Matt, Earwolf gear & native ad reads. 121 Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend Time stamp: 8:14-20:48, 31:56-43:31. Love robots & Fighting Carrie-Ann Moss. Spontaneanation – 75 Aquarium Time stamp:  33:43-next commercial break. Section before the improv, Sean’s wedding, meeting Michael Ian Black, Hayes doesn’t know how to improv. 126 Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend Time stamp: 34:04-57:38. The Joe the Plumber musical. 115 Improving Brett’s House with DC Pierson Time stamp: 6:09 - 9:31, 14:40 - 27:45, 41:46 - 48:43. Dog restaurant & Books, man cave, & clothes, Malaria Town.