Each day we have the opportunity to change for the better. Regardless of what life has dealt us, we have the ability to improve. It is our mission to use our voice to promote, develop, increase, and support your vision to reality. With each person(s) we will make it a point with all motivating, exciting, encouraging, zeal, and interesting segment to the listeners, which will be impacted and determined to follow their life’s aspirations. It’s our mission to give each and every person (s) a well prepared, studied, presentation. With accurate statistics, and a variety of options on how to obtain your goals you will be empowered to view challenges as opportunities!


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Talking With Apostle Author Timberlake

 Join with us as we fellowship with Apostle A. Timberlake! Insightful, encouraging , words of wisdom coming from a set man of God.  It all starts with a thought, generally if the thought is greater then what you have expected it's a God thing. Let's plan to eat healthy, go for a walk with the family. Why do we need to plan? When think better, you act better. When you plan to do better, you are better! That's when we need to pull on those that are well-versed in their specific areas. Our character becomes better. To guide us through the process in a more effective way. Assisting us with gathering as much knowledge that is needed. Yes, it takes money to make many things happen let's let Favor and Grace step on the scene. Now God can to give creative ideas, witty inventions, & people with the knowledge to help pursue your vision. These people will not take away from you but point you a better since of direction to reach your goal.
  In this season of seeingmyvision2reality you will hear motivating discussions on "families strength", The importance of quiet time. How to correctly speak to people. How to listen. Then we want to apply methods on rekindling your marriage. Life applications on building self-worth.  We will discuss finances - how to create them, share them, and save them. How to implement prayer back in the home. ** Is counseling a bad thing?**What will it take for you to be established in the Kingdom. So let's plan to plan to WIN!  
 1) Bring your questions and comments to the table. Let's be      better starting now!