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The church is a community with a shared purpose, in which faithful disciples find their place in contributing to the mission of building the kingdom. We will be looking at specific Gospel texts that deal with this concept of shared purpose. Having completed the study on our identity as God's children, we now turn to consider what it means to live out our identity in community by sharing our gifts with one another. RSS Feed URL

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Made For More, Part 4, Our Unique Identity, February 9, 2020

Many of us feel a sense of discontent. It’s natural for us to feel like there should be something more for our lives. Jesus said that he came so that we could have an abundant life. During this study of Ephesians, we will learn how discovering our purpose. This week we shift our focus to our unique personal calling that makes us different from every other person on earth. The first element of our unique calling—the BE element in our framework—is our unique identity or how we are uniquely made.