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The church is a community with a shared purpose, in which faithful disciples find their place in contributing to the mission of building the kingdom. We will be looking at specific Gospel texts that deal with this concept of shared purpose. Having completed the study on our identity as God's children, we now turn to consider what it means to live out our identity in community by sharing our gifts with one another. RSS Feed URL

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Passionate Fruit, Part 6, Faithfulness, May 31, 2020

God raised Jesus from the dead to provide His people with an everlasting relationship with them. God also desires for His people to have a similar relationship with each other. That is our high calling. Fortunately, through the presence of the Holy Spirit, God gives us tools to help live out that calling in relationship with one another. One thing we know to be true about God is that He is faithful to keep His promises. He can be trusted. Can the same be said about us in our relationships with others?