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The church is a community with a shared purpose, in which faithful disciples find their place in contributing to the mission of building the kingdom. We will be looking at specific Gospel texts that deal with this concept of shared purpose. Having completed the study on our identity as God's children, we now turn to consider what it means to live out our identity in community by sharing our gifts with one another. RSS Feed URL

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The Faithful Rollercoaster, July 26, 2020

The word Rollercoaster has to have one of the greatest emotional responses of any word in the English language.  Some will hear its utterance and immediately be filled with pure adrenaline-seeking excitement while others will immediately develop the deepest pit of discomfort in their gut.  Where do you fall on the spectrum of thrill-seeking entertainment?  Are you the first one in line ready for every twist, turn, hill, and valley the ride has to offer or are you more fearful of the unknown and perfectly peachy with two feet on the solid ground?  

Jesus offers two words to each and every disciple throughout history, an invitation for a whirlwind experience — "Follow Me.”  This one phrase can yet again strike the greatest excitement or the greatest fear into the soul of all humanity.  Where do you fall on the spectrum?  How is this invitation received throughout our faith journey?  What does it mean during a time of great change or furthermore a Global Pandemic?  These are questions that we all must prayerfully ponder as we accept the call to Follow Jesus Together.