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We are the Sipping Sisters, a weekly podcast where three sisters sip through the stuff they see on their screens. We hope you will sip along with us! Email us at [email protected] and tweet with us @3SippingSisters


Sipping Sisters Podcast navigateright Episode

S2 E1 - Hot fanGirl Summer

Raise your glasses and your remotes, we are BACK for Season 2 of Sipping Sisters Podcast! We sip through our amazing Hot fanGirl Summer, including how we became #BurntMarshmallows. They should have passed out sunblock at the Veronica Mars SDCC panel! We gush, again, over Carina MacKenzie and #RoswellNM, we lament the loss of Vice News Tonight, and talk about our five seconds of fave from SDCC. Tell us what filled YOUR summer screens and your summer sips. Twitter: @3SippingSisters Email: [email protected] It tastes so good to be back.