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We are the Sipping Sisters, a weekly podcast where three sisters sip through the stuff they see on their screens. We hope you will sip along with us! Email us at [email protected] and tweet with us @3SippingSisters


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Sipisode 58: Roswell New Mexico with Myte from Cabronas y Chingonas

Myte from QPOC focused podcast Cabronas y Chingonas joins us as Baby Chingona for our in-depth and critical discussion of Roswell, New Mexico. Maria is our Roswell New Mexico Chingona, and we all agree she's the kind of friend you want, "like, let's have a shot of tequila about it!" We sip through many discussion points, including that book-tastic sex scene, LGBTQ Rep, Disability Rep, Native Rep, Undocumented Immigrant Rep, and our love of Rosa. Our Sipster consensus on Season 1 of the delicious reboot is that we want MORE of MORE. Music by Patrick Lee Join the convo on twitter @3SippingSisters and @CYCPodcast