Sisters in Loss Podcast: Grief, Pregnancy Loss, & Infertility Stories


Sister’s in Loss podcast spotlights faith filled black women who share their grief and loss stories and testimonies. Black women experience miscarriage and stillbirth two times more than white women according to the National Institutes of Health. Whether you have experienced a miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or infertility, you will learn about resources and strategies to heal, gain clarity, peace, hope, and find an empowering path forward after loss. Join Erica M. McAfee weekly as she interviews Sister's in Loss who have healed from such a painful and traumatic experience by sharing their testimonies to inspire and help others to turn their pain into their purpose.


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EP121 - Infant Loss and NICU Negligence by Aubri Cabness

This is the last week of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. We have been honoring and celebrating our babies who have gone to heaven far too soon all month long.

Negligence. Unfair Treatment due to Systemic Racism. Killing of a Premature Baby. All of the words and sayings that come to mind when I think of today’s guest. Aubri Cabness delivered her son Sebastien prematurely and 3 days later in the NICU his health started to decline. He was left off oxygen for 24 hours after being born at 1lb and 13oz. His trachea was punctured, lungs lacerated, and esophagus perforated. He died of sepsis in his mother’s arms due to the NICU negligence. In this episode Aubri takes us back on that journey to her recovery, how her story is connectlng other moms who experienced the same trauma at the same hospital, and what justice looks like for her to grieve and heal. This episode is for you to listen to if you have ever experienced racial bias and trauma in the medical system.

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