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We are discussing your favorite Horror films weekly! And we want to hear from YOU! Your hosts Mikey Bonez, Corner Pocket & The Owl are bringing personality and insight into their reviews of these classic, as well as mixing in new, horror movies. We love this genre and we know how tight-knit the fans tend to be so we are looking to make our listener's voices strong for every show and get you in on the discussion. Watch these movies with us and send in things you have noticed or want to point out and hear some chatter about.


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Episode 114: House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Welp we all know Bobby is in a very happy Owl! The Boyz break the ROB ZOMBIE glass and discuss HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES! You can check out our articles AND listen to the show (as well as keep up to date with all giveaways) at and contact the show via email [email protected] or on Twitter: @SlasherRadio @BobbySpitzerr @RadioRob123 @MikeysDead Go to and use the SLASHERRADIO coupon code for 20% OFF YOUR ORDER AND FREE SHIPPING! Fellas, save money and take care of yourself. Ladies, save some money in your purse and point your man in the right direction! Go to to get the latest official Slasher Radio Swag. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME! DON'T MISS OUT, CHECK IT OUT NOW!